1. Lower water consumption
2. Lower finishing compound consumption.
3. No choke up in drainage

Processed Water Filtration And Recirculation Units

For environmental reason, processed water recirculation is preferred for industrial application. Centrifugal filtration unit separate solid particle from water effectively which can be reused. Standard units are coming with manual sludge removal from the drum periodically. In applications with more water and sludge volumes, manual removal of the sludge from the system is no longer feasible. In such cases, centrifugal systems with automatic sludge removal are utilized. The main characteristic of these systems is that the sludge is “peeled” from the drum wall and is collected in a sludge container located below the drum with variable volume. After peeling, the drum is rinsed to remove residual sludge and to prevent imbalance during subsequent cleaning cycles.

Sound Reduction Cover

In order to bring noise level within allowed limit and to make operator's life easy, we recommend sound reduction cover / cabin as per customers choice.

Control Panel

A Standard control panel comes with starter, timer and VFD in case process or customer demands. A PLC Control Panel generally comes as a part of automation, integration of multiple machines where too many parameters to take care of.

Magnetic Part Separator

Movable / Fixed type magnetic separator come with or without demagnetizer to separate magnetic parts from media after completion of process. The shape and size of separator can be customized according to customers process demands.

Media Separator

In order to make sure maximum utilization of media, 3R MassFin come up with worn out media separator. Under size media can be separated by using this equipment. The separator comes with multiple easy detachable mesh on request.

Dosing Units

Dosing unit generally use to control chemical and water flow with the help of pump and rota meter.