Industrial Part Washing And Drying Units

FIN Tech offers cost-saving solutions for a wide range of parts cleaning and drying applications. We’ve applied our engineering and field expertise gained from designing and manufacturing of our deburring systems to create a line of cleaning equipment suitable for applications that require compliance to stringent cleanliness specifications.

We offers a complete line of parts cleaning equipment to meet a wide range of requirements. You can choose from custom-designed or standard units, and machines that operate in batch or feed-through processing modes.

Conveyor Type

If a continuous, flow-through parts cleaning system is what you need, an FIN TECH conveyor washer could be your answer. FIN TECH is on the cutting edge when it comes to multi-stage conveyor parts cleaning systems. Our conveyor washers are highly engineered, functionally designed, and ruggedly constructed. Choose from a variety of parts washers that include in-line belt washers, U-Bend washers, monorail systems, and custom designed systems. Let our expert lab and engineering staff help choose the perfect cleaning system for you.

Immersion parts washers clean components by submersing them in an agitated cleaning solution contained in a wash tank. They are used to remove grease, soil, oil, abrasive dust, blast debris, paint, corrosion or other contamination from the surfaces of parts exiting a production line. FIN TECH’S flexible line of immersion and ultrasonic washers is available with a host of different options to suite your needs.

For “on-line” parts cleaning in manufacturing work cells With an emphasis on quality and compact design, our new line of Cabinet parts washers is the perfect solution for heavy-duty cleaning of large parts or baskets of small parts in a batch style operation.

These units are perfect for continuous cleaning & drying of high volume, small parts when part-on-part contact is acceptable. In operation, as parts auger through the machine’s processing drum they are first submerged in cleaning solution and then spray-washed. These units are a complete feed-thru operation, which allows for parts to be automatically fed directly from the washer section to a rotary drying system if required.