Plasma Polishing Machines

 Plasma polishing effect is actually using ion discharge, when polishing liquid near boiling, polishing liquid and artifacts, coupled with the high voltage between form after plasma bombardment was carried out on the product surface, the effect of physical bombardment, chemical reaction and point discharge, reaction is very severe. Physical bombardment, tip discharge can smooth the surface of the workpiece, thus polishing and deburring. The chemical reaction can accelerate the surface velocity of the workpiece, remove the elements of the workpiece surface, and form a passivation layer on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of purification. Plasma polishing technology has been gradually mature in recent years. It is an irreplaceable process in the polishing industry! The application range is wide, the polishing liquid is neutral, no strong acid strong alkali, it is a kind of better than the environmental protection of the polishing process. 

Scope: mobile phone, watch, jewelry, glasses, hardware sanitary ware, electronic digital products, auto parts, aerospace military industry Applicable materials: stainless steel series, copper alloy series, zinc alloy series, aluminum alloy series, titanium alloy series, gold, silver and so on.