The magnetic grinding machines use the force of magnetic field to make the stainless steel pins rotate very fast, and the pins de-burr, polish and clean the work pieces high-effectively and precisely. The magnetic grinding machine are environmental friendly, NO pollution. They do grinding and polishing fast and effectively. They have an excellent ability of fast de-burring, high efficiently grinding small inner holes, inner pipes, crevices, etc. The operation makes no damage to the surface of workpieces, and DO NOT affect the accuracy of workpieces. The magnetic grinding machines are of simple, safe and convenient operation, low cost and long working life. Magnetic machines are available in table top and conveyor type.

Table Top Magnetic Polisher,
Automatic Magnetic Polisher

Table Top Magnetic Polisher

Suitable for deburring or polishing materials: non magnetized metals such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium,
zinc etc.

Automatic Magnetic Polisher

Suitable for grinding and polishing of extra large parts.The clambs of the machine are to be customozed according to the work
pieces.The machine is running in circular and automatically