About Compound
• Enhances finishing efficiency
• Relives impact of barrel media and subjects
• Prevents damage in Deburring
• Removes fat from subjects
• Alleviates abrasion of barrel media
• Preserves or improves original colors of subjects Name of Chemical Application Material

Name of Chemical Application Material Form
FTL 1 Deburring All Metal Liquid
FTP 11 Heavy Deburring/Cleaning All Metal Powder
FTP 15 Descaling Ferrous Metal Powder
FTL 15 A Heavy Descaling Ferrous Metal Liquid
FTL 88 A Polishing with Rust Protection All Metals Liquid
FTL 99  A Polishing with Rust Protection All Metals  Liquid
FTL 10 Polishing All Metals Liquid
FTL  15 B Descaling Non Ferrous Liquid
FTL 15 C Decaling / Polishing/ Cleaning Steel Balls Liquid
FTL 20 Polishing  SS Liquid
FTL 90 Polishing  SS, MS, AL Liquid
FTL 22 Polishing All Metals Liquid
FTL 44 Polishing Brass Liquid
FTL 55 Polishing AL/Zinc/ Mazak Liquid
FTL 77 Polishing Ferrous Casting Liquid
FTL 88 Deburring/ Polishing Sintered Parts Liquid
FTL 99 Descaling/Polishing  Bearing Parts Liquid
FTL 96 Polishing  Silver Liquid
FTL 96 G Polishing  Gold Liquid
FTL 30  Deburring/Polishing Bronze/ Nickel Liquid
FTP 40  Descaling Ferrous Powder
FTP 50 Heavy Deburring All Metals Powder
FTP 60 Descaling Ferrous Powder
FTP 70 Deburring MS Press Parts Powder
FTP 80 Polishing/Deburring Mazak Diecast  Powder