Vibratory Finishing Machines are mass finishing machines, used for deburring, polishing, descaling etc  for metalic and non metalic  parts.



The machine has a steel bowl lined with polyurethane which is filled up with required media (either ceramic, plastic,porcelain, maize etc. depending upon the finish required) and components. Eccentric weights are mounted on an extended shaft attached to a heavy duty motor to cause vibrations and create a spiral of the media and the components. Variations in vibration, achieved by varying weights and angles, and suitable combination of media enable machine to be used for different components.

Machine  with 100% separation of parts

These machines are designed for complete separation of parts from media after process unlike standard auto separation machine in some case.


The machine is made with an inbuilt spiral path through which media and parts moves during regular process cycle. There is a flapper mechanism provided at the maximum level of the spiral so that it can be closed and the whole mass will be transferred to separation sheet during separation cycle. This spiral geometry ensures 100% mixture is carried to the screen.